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Shipping Your Goods

Shipping Charges

How will PuntoMio bill me for shipping and customs?

PuntoMio bills the total shipping charges to your credit card based on the weight of the shipment. Customs charges will also be billed to your credit card. These charges are determined by each country′s regulations. For more information, go to our Pricing and Customs page.

What type of payment does PuntoMio accept?

PuntoMio accepts payments by Visa and MasterCard.

When does dimensional weight of a package apply and how is it calculated?

In certain cases, you package will have a dimensional weight greater than the actual weight. When this occurs, it is necessary to take into consideration the dimensions of the box we receive in order to calculate the transportation charge. The diagram below will explain how dimensional weight is calculated.

PuntoMio - Dimensional Weight

What is a Fuel Surcharge?

A fuel surcharge is a fee that is added to freight charges that allows a shipping company to be reimbursed for excessive fuel costs incurred in the performance of hauling freight from one point to another.These fuel charges are not designed to be a profit center, but rather are implemented only when fuel prices have risen significantly and are based on the actual prices paid for fuel.

Why am I being charged a Fuel Surcharge?

With the rise in fuel costs, rather than raise shipping rates or compromise service levels, PuntoMio has implemented this variable charge in the hopes that it can eventually be reduced and eliminated if fuel prices go back to previous levels.

How is Fuel Surcharge calculated?

The fuel surcharge percentage is based on the monthly average price for kerosene/jet fuel as published by the U.S. Department of Energy.

There is a two-month lag in the application of the index. For example, the monthly average price for fuel in January is used to determine the applicable surcharge for March.This is due to the release dates of the pricing data. This fuel surcharge will be updated on a monthly basis and this percentage is applied to all shipping charges.

Are my packages insured?

Yes. PuntoMio will insure your packages up to the first US$ 200.00, without additional cost. After that amount, PuntoMio will charge US$ 2.00 for each additional US$ 100.00, covering up to a maximum of US$ 2.500.00.

Shipping Times

Shipping and delivery times vary between 3 and 7 days, after receipt of your package in Miami.

Shipment Tracking

How do I track my shipments?

You can track any package online, at any time, by simply logging in to My PuntoMio. You will always be able to know whether your package has arrived in Miami, was shipped or is ready for delivery.

Where do I receive my shipments?

Packages and documents will be delivered to the address you entered when you registered.